About Us


Interface Solutions, Inc. (ISI) was founded by Susan Bourget in 1994 to serve the healthcare financial EDI needs of the MEDITECH hospital community. Initial software offerings that emerged from ISIís extensive EDI knowledge and hands-on field experience include Medicare secondary billing, electronic claims processing, medical necessity claims screening, and automated remittance posting.

ISI quickly established an excellent reputation as a leader in the field, and soon became a first choice for EDI project management, specializing in MEDITECH ring release upgrade testing related to electronic claims.

About Us, Today

With our current suite of EDI products, ISI has shifted away from developing software products that are specific to the MEDITECH proprietary platform, in favor of PC based software that can integrate with any health information systemÖ hospital as well as physician.

ISI continues to offer EDI project management and implementation services to MEDITECH hospitals, and was integral in transitioning several major MEDITECH facilities to HIPAA 835 remittance and 837 claims processing. With thorough unit, parallel, and system testing, ISI also continues to limit clientís risk of electronic claims and automated remittance downtime due to MEDITECH ring release upgrades. This Ďnuts-and-boltsí knowledge sets the solid foundation of ISIís premium EDI software and support.

Passionate About Customer Service. Period.

We are dedicated to making your job easier so you can focus on business at hand. ISIís software is loaded with features that ensure even the smallest detail is not left to chance. These are just a few:
  • Every application includes pre-built dictionaries (other dictionaries are automatically populated from your hospital or physician information system), so you can hit the ground running with immediate software functionality

  • Import routines automatically load new 835 claim adjustment reasons (fully categorized) when they are put into use

  • One of many software audit/control features will automatically notify you when missing or non-compliant HIPAA codes are encountered
And, you can be sure that when we respond to another customerís great idea, it will be our gift to you: any resulting enhancements or custom reports are all yours, automatically.

Partner Opportunities

Revenue cycle consultants: contact us to learn how ISI will help you deliver powerful denials management analysis services to your clients, with ease.