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For over twenty years, Interface Solutions, Inc. (ISI) has been providing premium EDI solutions for the healthcare financial management community. We are dedicated to developing, implementing, and supporting software that will boost your financial bottom line
Bottom Line Benefits:

- Accelerate cash flow
- Increase revenue
- Increase productivity
- Improve workflow efficiency
- Reduce man-hours
- Improve data accuracy
- Boost employee morale

. The only thing we are more passionate about than software is customer service: we are absolutely committed to prompt, knowledgeable, caring customer service and product support.

At ISI, we know that our continued success depends on your continued success.

Denial Pro +

Immediately target high dollar, high volume medical claim denial reasons. Accelerate denial corrections and appeals, improve work-flow efficiency, and positively impact your financial bottom line.


Create secondary 837 INST & PROF electronic claim files (with ease!) for HSN and MassHealth, with the option to include processing for more than 20 additional payers. COBPro captures eligible secondary claims immediately upon primary payer adjudication, applying built-in payer specific processing rules to create clean, accurate and fully balanced secondary claim files.

835 Remit Pro

From this extensive database of claim payment and denial information, you can monitor patient co-pays, manage credit balance accounts, investigate payer issues, and more.