835 RemitPro Powerful Database & Reporting Tool

835 RemitPro builds an extensive database of claim payment and denial information with complete claim adjudication detail. Pre-built payer specific dictionaries include and expand upon the HIPAA 835 code sets, allowing an immediate translation of HIPAA 835 raw data into user-friendly remittance reports.

Built in Routines Allow You To:

  • Investigate/document payer issues
  • Utilize extensive query report options
  • Print HIPAA 835 CAS code usage reports by payer
  • Utilize data-tools for spreadsheet views and Microsoft Excel downloads
  • List remittances in a user-friendly format, including accurate payment, contractual, and denial information
Reap these additional benefits by incorporating patient account data from your hospital or physician billing system with a simple data-feed:

Leverage the Power of the 835 RemitPro Database with Automated Remittance Posting

Slash remittance-posting man-hours, eliminate manual posting errors, and leverage the power of the 835 RemitPro database with this robust supplemental feature.

Summit Healthcare Interface Solutions, Inc. is a proud partner of SummitHealthcare, the leader in scripting technology. Utilizing their premium Summit Scripting Toolkit, SummitHealthcare will automate 835 remittance posting into your billing system directly from the
835 RemitPro database.

Desired items are posted in a user-friendly, easy-to-read format, including:
  • Payments and contractual adjustments
  • Rejection notes, including line item detail for partially denied claims
  • Informational data such as:
    • Check number, check date, and claim control number
    • Coinsurance, deductible, and co-pay amounts
    • Other payer paid, duplicate, non-covered, and other note amounts