EOBPro: Your Medicare EOB On-Demand Printing Solution

EOBPro analyzes incoming Medicare 835 remittance files and automatically prints a stack of single page EOB’s for secondary billing. Archived data allows for on-demand re-printing … two months (or two years) later.

No Wonder She’s Smiling!

No more tedious review of incoming remittances and associated reports to ensure that every last eligible claim is processed for secondary billing… No more copying individual EOB pages and blacking out other patient data for privacy purposes… No more trekking back to the file room to find and retrieve a paper EOB for that crossover claim that never crossed over…

Accelerate Medicare Secondary Billing

EOBPro imports Medicare 835 remittance files and immediately prints a single page EOB for every claim that is eligible for secondary billing (based on facility specific criteria). A corresponding work-list follows, indicating an exact list of secondary UB92 claim forms to print. EOBs and UB92s are ready to match up and mail to the secondary payer. What a timesaver!

On-Demand EOB Printing … Even Years Later

Need to resubmit a secondary claim from two months (or two years) ago? Or submit a crossover claim that never crossed over? No problem. Select an EOB by account number (or other optional criteria) for on-demand printing. You can even print EOBs for reversed and denied claims.