COBPro Secondary Electronic Billing

Create secondary 837 INST & PROF electronic claim files (with ease!) for HSN and MassHealth. COBPro captures eligible secondary claims immediately upon primary payer adjudication, applying built-in payer specific processing rules to create clean, accurate and fully balanced secondary claim files.

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Magnify the benefits

with the option to include processing for more than 20 additional secondary payers

COBPro includes functionality to:

  • Capture eligible primary denied claims for HSN & MassHealth secondary billing
  • Automatically map service HCPCs & modifiers where desired
  • Manage billing for HSN partials
  • Identify and resolve issues related to non-compliant primary payer adjudication data
  • Screen preliminary claim data & present action items to the user
  • Prepare a text file for detailed comment posting to the hospital billing system
  • Provide secondary billing statistics by payer
COBPro eliminates...
... the need for manual claim balancing & the need for manual keying of claim data
... the need to create and maintain claim dictionaries, queues & files on your billing system
... missed claims due to human error

Success at Southcoast Health

Southcoast Health was at the forefront of the COBPro software development and testing for their three facilities. The implementation began with HSN institutional processing (to meet the new MMIS processing requirements), followed by MassHealth Institutional (to eliminate hand-keying of claims), and eventually expanded to an all-payer solution ( including both institutional and professional processing for a total of 23 secondary payers).

"I had a dream... that became a reality...

Before COBPro, the secondary billing process was very time-intensive, and we experienced significant payment delays. Now, a total of 23 payers are billed electronically for secondary claims. The resulting 1.25 FTE reduction allowed for the reallocation of staff to other functions. And payments are now received timely across the board, usually within 2 or 3 weeks, as opposed to 45-60 days on average before."
--Kim Soares, Billing Manager, Southcoast Health

Some COBPro Clients

  • Southcoast Health
  • Harrington Hospital
  • Heywood Hospital
  • BID Plymouth
  • Athol Hospital
  • Mount Auburn Hospital
  • Martha's Vineyard Hospital
  • Winchester Hospital
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